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Provide 3D-Printed Prosthetics to People Around the World

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Mission Statement: There is a great need for inexpensive, functional upper limb assistive devices. And we are working relentlessly to help make people's dreams of prosthetic limbs become a reality worldwide. In doing so, we help them regain their pride, dignity and self respect.


Hello, my name is Rishab Jain and I attend American Heritage High School. Over the course of three years, I have helped over 50 patients in Peru, India, Venezuela, and US and now I need your donations to help even more.

My inspiration to undertake this mission started as a child when I went to visit my family in India. I would see children with missing limbs begging in the streets for food, but because of their physical imperfections, they were ignored, rejected and mistreated. They were outcasts because of something they could not control, which inspired in me a desire to help them overcome their limitations and achieve their full potential.

To give back to my motherland, we created an outreach mission in India where we helped over 40 patients. I saw firsthand the hardships of these people and it motivated me to help as many people as I can. I also learned the sad truth that there are so many people who need and deserve prosthetic hands and the only way to help them is through a coordinated effort. When, I went to India to provide hands I realized the number of volunteers and organizations I had to work with from friends to Rotary International. I also saw the ubiquity of 3d printers at schools and knew that I had to involve high schoolers in this effort. Therefore, I started this community of high schoolers in the hopes of helping people in need of upper limb prosthetic devices.


Help us by donating for the cost of filament, material, and shipping needed to provide more 3d printed prosthetic devices to those in need. Also, we are working on more outreach missions and camps throughout the world. So, we need your financial support to hold workshops make hands at schools, purchase materials, schedule medical staff who work with recipients, get the devices and printers to mission sites. Overall, help people live happier and fulfilling lives with an inexpensive, functional, and cosmetically appealing hand.

Also, as a high school student I know that younger generations has the drive, creativity, and intellect to be part of this cause. I also know that many of our schools have started to have 3d printers that could come to good use. That is why Link 3d Hands is also looking for middle school, high school, and college volunteers to use their school's printers to pool the resources needed to give prosthetic hands to all. We are the change of the future so I am calling all youth leaders to be part of our organization by reaching out through https://link3dhands.com/.

We are a charity that relies on goodwill and generosity, and we appreciate any support we can get. Your donations of any size will change lives by allowing us to enable the future with prosthetic hands.

Specifically, your donation will go to support both e-NABLE the Future and Link 3d Hands.

Link 3D Hands will help reach students and make hands. We will build on the e-NABLE Alliance facilitators' guide and make devices based on the latest feedback available. The hands will be checked and tracked by the e-NABLE Living Classroom at SUNY Polytechnic Institute, which will offer ongoing help desk support to volunteers and recipients. If someone needs a hand locally, we will make it and give it to them. Link 3D Hands also will ensure that upper limb devices are given to recipients for free by medical professionals during our mission trips. Link 3D Hands will collaborate with appropriate e-NABLE clinical studies that have been approved by Institutional Review Boards. It will collect and share feedback as members of the e-NABLE Alliance.

Link 3D Hands needs your support to reach our main goal:

We also are working to build a network of youth leaders who can combine engineering ingenuity and leadership skills to involve all area high school students in this effort as well. Our goal is to involve students who want to help those in need; therefore, we would like to connect with any high schools or students who are interested so we can spread the word and add young, creative minds to our organization.